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New Puppy Training Tips

Tips for New Puppy Owners

Tips for Welcoming your new little puppy into your life and making the adjustment time easier for you and your new little one !

As with all new babies Please keep me Safe, Warm and Dry at all times!  Entering a new environment may take some time for your new puppy to adjust.  It is very normal for the new puppy to be stressed, so keep a close eye on the little one.  It is a good idea to leave food out where they can eat at anytime.  Your new Puppy will be used to eating dry food but if they show signs of not eating or being picky, try mixing in a little canned food.  We like to give them some boiled chicken if they are not eating well. They love it and its OK to SPOIL them a little bit!  However please read up on puppy/Dog ALLERGIES and be very careful what you give them.  Fresh clean water should be provided at all times.  Please keep you new little puppy bathed and clean.  Find a good mild puppy shampoo.
Be sure to check their little bottoms daily to make sure it is kept clean and doesnt get sore or matted.  Non scented  Baby Wipes work really well to keep them clean and fresh!  Please provide a safe environment, Puppies love to explore and chew!  Please find a good vet with whom you have complete faith in.  Keep up to date on vaccinations and wormings to keep your puppy healthy and happy for many years to come!
Housebreaking will be your biggest challenge.  Consistency is the Key, and lots of LOVE and PATIENCE will give you great rewards!!


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