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Welcome to Treasure Trove Yorkies! We are a small scale breeder of Teacup Yorkies, Parti Yorkies, Chocolate and Golden Yorkies

Cute Teacup Yorkies for sale

Treasure Trove Yorkies is a small breeder, located in sunny Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Our goal is to produce healthy, high quality Teacup Yorkies for sale bred to AKC standards.  We work closely with another Yorkshire Terrier breeder who strives to produce the same quality pups as ours.  In fact, we share breeding dogs and highly endorse one another’s Yorkie pups.  Each puppy is sold with a one year health guarantee for genetic conditions.

Our adult Yorkies, as well as our puppies, receive skilled, on-going veterinary care to ensure high quality, healthy puppies.  We breed for the Teacup Size Yorkies because that is our personal preference.  Most of our pups grow to be 3 to 5 pounds as adult Yorkies.  We use the Yorkshire Terrier Growth Chart to estimate the adult size of our pups.  Occasionally  we have smaller or larger yorkies which match the needs of different forever homes.  Yorkies over 5 pounds, considered the Standard Size Yorkie, usually are better suited for homes with small children.  Regardless of the size, the transition from our home to yours should be relatively stress free because our Yorkie pups come pre spoiled!

In addition to the Traditional color, we also breed for the highly desirable Parti, Chocolate and Golden color Yorkies.

If you have a desire to bring a small, healthy AKC Yorkie pup into your home,  please view our “Yorkie Puppies for Sale” page.  Feel free to call, text, or email anytime so we can talk Yorkies!

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